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The Winter Palace

Photo: The Two-head Eaglel

Architecture Look
on Winter Palace

Photo: White Marble Columns

of Winter Palace

The Winter Palace was constructed, between 1754 and 1762, in accordance with a project of Bartolomeo Rastrelli. It was the greatest and pomp building of Saint Petersburg: almost 200 meters in length, 160 of width and 22 of height; the length of the main cornice, that trims the building, is of about two kilometers. It counts the palace with 1,057 stays with a surface of the pavements of 46,516 square meters, 117 stairs, 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows...

Long time it was the highest building of the city. In 1844, Nicholas I promulgated a law by which the particular houses could not escape in height to the Palace of Winter. This rule had vigor until year 1905. Today, in the rooms collections of the Ermitage are exhibited. Of the museum will be spoken long and to laying in the itinerary.

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Museums / Hermitage / Winter Palace

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