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Photo: Winter Palace's Main Gates

Winter Palace

Photo: Knight's Helmet


In the center of St Petersburg, on the Neva embankment, in the Winter Palace, is the Hermitage, the greatest museum of the Russia.

Catherine II called "Hermitage" a part of the palace in which unique artistic treasures in their sort kept.

The date on which the museum was based considers year 1764, when to the Palace of Winter a collection was engaged in, of 225 pictures, acquired in Berlin. The collection grows quickly and in 1774 there were already 2,080 paintings. One went away completing with drawings, stone sculptures, masterpieces of applied art.

Today, in the collections of the Hermitage it has more than 2 million 600 thousand pieces: paintings, sculptures, engravings, objects of applied art, currencies; orders and standards, archaeological models of arms, monuments and other values created by numerous towns from old times to our days.

The collections, by their number and its importance, can be compared only to those of the British Museum, of London, and the Louvre, Paris. In the Ermitage the collections keep main in the country antique art and monuments of the culture of East, works of applied art.

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www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Museums / Hermitage

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