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Trick Fountains

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Trick Fountain

Around the Trick fountains always a throng. Large Image >

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Umbrella trick fountain

The Umbrella trick fountain. Large Image >

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Fir-Trees Trick Fountain

The Fir-Trees Trick Fountain. Large Image >

Well-known are the trick fountains of the Lower Park. These water-jokes typical for 18th-century formal gardens may take a carefree visitor by surprise drenching him through from hidden nozzles. Two Settees trick fountains have been functioning at the Monplaisir Garden since Peter's days. Other trick fountains are situated in the vicinity of the Monplaisir Avenue: the Fir-Trees trick fountains were constructed in 1784, then the gay-coloured Umbrella trick fountain was built and not far from it another was added in 1802: this is an exquisite metal-wrought oak-tree, its trunk and branches concealing finely built-in water piping.

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Environs / Peterhof / Fountain / Trick Fountains

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