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Fountain Photo of Peterhof

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Fountain of The Grand Cascade

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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Trick Fountain

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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Mounplaisir

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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Golden Hill Cascade

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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Marly

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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Lion Cascade

The Lion Cascade. Read It >

It is as if Peterhof were born from the sea foam, as if it were called to life by the will of the mighty King of the Sea. Peterhof is the residence of the Sea King.

The Peterhof fountains are not an embellishment, but the most salient feature of the ensemble. They represent symbolically the sea realm, the cloud of sprays of the sea lapping at the shore of Peterhof.

Fountains are a major attraction of the parks of Petrodvorets (former Peterhof). They render festive splendour and brilliance to the whole of the Peterhof ensemble, a unique monument to the victory in the Northern War which turned Russia into a strong maritime power.

The sparkling fountain jets spattering opalescent mist, the sound of tumbling water echoing the swash of the waves, the numerous sea deities decorating the fountainsall this fills the Peterhof parks with poetry of the great water expanse.

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