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Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Peterhof

Petrodvorets is one of the most interesting localities of the suburbs of St Petersburg.

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Gatchina Palace

Travel to the town of Gatchina in the environs of St Petersburg.

Dear Friends: We did not doubt that you have been able to perceive the intense rate of Saint Petersburg and to admire your avenues and seats, granite quays and splendid palaces, monuments, bridges and temples...

But the impression that you take of the city of the Neva will be incomplete if it also does not visit the palaces and parks of Peterhof (former: Petrodvorets), Gatchina, Tsarskoie Sielo (Pushkin), and other places of the environs. Palaces, sources and parks, designed by eximios architects and shaped in works by anonymous creators, continue being today, after than two centuries and more average, reason for joy and admiration.

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