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Gatchina's Venus Pavilion

Venus pavilion, located on the Island of Love, is devoted to Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

  • Venus pavilion was built in 1792 by the architect V. Brenna.
  • The decoration of the pavilion echoes the old story about this wonderful goddess. The focal point in the interior is the ceiling painting The Triumph of Venus, done by the German artist Ja. Mettenleiter in 1797; it survived by a miracle during the war.
  • The Venus Pavilion beautifully matches the surrounding countryside, and belongs to the finest specimens of park structures.
Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Venus Pavilion Interior

The Venus Pavilion Interior

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Venus Pavilion Tourist

The Venus Pavilion Tourist

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Venus Triumph

The Venus Triumph

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Environs / Gatchina / Venus Pavilion

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