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Gatchina's Parks

The Gatchina parks rank among the finest landscaped parks that became widespread in Russia in the 1760s. Credit for their creation should be given to G. Gachette, G. Sparreau, the brothers Helmholz, and many other gifted landscape designers and gardeners.

  • The area of three parksthe Palace, Prior's, and Menagerieis about 700 hectares. The Palace Park 143 hectares in area stretches along the shores of the picturesque White and Silvery lakes, which are studded with canals, water labyrinths, and islands.
  • All the islands, both natural and man-made, bear names of their own, for example Long Island, Swan Island, Fir-tree and Floating Islands, etc. This accounts for the wide variety of bridges, terraces, landing-stages, ferry-boats, and balconies in the park. Standing out amidst the scenery of the Palace Park are the Admiralty. Birch-tree, and Sylvia Gates, as well as several obelisks and pavilions.
Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Bridge

The Bridge

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Metal Bridge

The Metal Bridge

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Palace Pond

The Palace Pond

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Park Avenue

The Park Avenue

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Park Glade

The Park Glade

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Pond Metal Bridge

The Pond Metal Bridge

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: White Lake Place

The White Lake Place

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The Stone Bridge

The Stone Bridge

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: The White Lake

The White Lake

Photo by Dmitrij Karmanov: Russian Tsar Paul

Russian Tsar Paul

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Environs / Gatchina / Gatchina's Parks

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