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St Petersburg's Architects

Photo by Veselo: Winter Palace Main Facade

Winter Palace Architecture

Saint Petersburg mainly built in the first decades of century XVIII architects of other countries, because Russian architects, by those years, counted very few. The foreigners came from very good degree to work to Russia, either because they paid to them or, or by curiosity or captivated by the great works that unfolded in the new capital.

In Russia they found good treatment, they learned the Russian, they assimilated the customs and the culture of the country. Many of them passed in the borders of the good Neva part of their life, experimenting true joy in that atmosphere of creation. Swiss Domenico Trezzini, Italian the Cayetano Chiveri and Mario Fontana, the French Jean Baptiste Leblond, the German lorian Schulter and others found his here second mother country

But Russia would not take in having its own architects like Mijal Zemtsov, Timofi Usov, Ivn Krobov, Piotr Eropkin and others, whose works would happen to occupy worthy position in the universal architecture. In 1737 the one that was called "Commission for the construction of Saint Petersburg", with the mission is created to direct works.

Of her it was member, indeed, Piotr Eropkin, the most illustrious Russian city planner of the time. Idea hers was the layout of the helmet of the city as today it exists, composition of three main routes that are opened in fan starting off of the Admiralty. Its plan was taken in fact as it bases for the urbanization of St Petersburg.

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Architecture / Architects

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