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St Petersburg's Architectonic

Photo by Veselo: Winter Palace Main Facade

Winter Palace Architecture

In St Petersburg the architectonic sets and buildings abound that enter the jewel category of the Russian architecture. Most remarkable of them they are considered like of universal value.

The general layout of the city, their architectonic and city-planning appearance began to form almost in the dawn of the foundation of San Peters-town. By that time the newness of the urban design in Russia consisted of which downtown was not located in hill with kremlin, but of island, in the delta of a river, with strength not at all similar to the kremlin of the Russian antiquity.

St Petersburg was the first city of the world (if we did without Versailles, calls to account of the kings of France) that began to be constructed in accordance with a plan that granted more city-planning personality to him and favored the creation of magnificent architectonic sets.

The city did not grow in concentric circles like in the medieval towns, but freely by the borders of the Neva, of its arms and channels within the urban enclosure.

www.travel-guide.veselo.infoSt. Petersburg / Architecture / Architectonic

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