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Geography of Kurgan Region

Kurgan region occupies an area of 71.5 thousand square kilometers. Several small European countries could easily get into this territory: Belgium (30 thousand square kilometers), Netherlands (34 thousand square kilometers), Luxembourg (2.6 thousand square kilometers). See it on The Globe >>

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Water Resources

Kurgan region is two and a half times larger than Albania, Denmark and is only three times less than Great Britain. It is triangle in the shape and is 430 kilometers from west to east and 290 kilometers from north to south.

In its territory there are 9 cities, 5 settlements, 23 agricultural regions. (The population is 1100000 people. 92% are Russians, the others are Tartars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs and other nationalities.)

As The region located on the World largest West-Siberian lowland, relief in Kurgan region is, in general, flat with a weak slope to the north-east (absolute peaks oscillate from 120 up to 200 meters). The terrain abounds in a great number of hollows and sinks, which subject the unique appearance to our land.

There are too many rivers, lakes and swamps in the region.

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