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Chimeevo temple in the honour of the Kazan Virgin

The villige of Chimeevo is located in 90 versts from Kurgan. The ancient village stretched out on both banks of a small river of the Niyap - the Tobol's tributary.

The temple in the honor of the Kazan Virgin in the village of Chimeevo is well-known far outside Kurgan region. A lot of legends are connected with the wonder working icon. Pilgrims, attracted by its wonder working force, come here even from far countries

The Miracle-working Icon

Iconostasis & Interiors

The Temple

Chimeevo Temple

The chimeevo church

Chimeevo Church

a evening's temple

Evening's Temple

Temple's Steeple

Temple's Steeple

The temple itself is an unique church building of 1890. It is made of wood, this is a miracle kept in primary beauty. It shines as a pearl among the relic nature.

On the 5th of November, 1770 the church has burned down. The fire destroyed the iconostasis completely as well as the church plate. After the fire people found in the ashes absolutely safe Virgin icon. It was second miracle as the sign of special God's grace. The worship of the Virgin and of her wonder-working icon continues in new church. The icon is covered with the silver riza, golden nimbi and precious stones.

When in 1890 in Chimeevo the temple was built, it was consecrated in the name of the Kazan Virgin icon and its apparition.

From different Ural and Siberian towns, on foot and on horseback, pilgrims of all estates came here. Particularly respected the wonder-working icon the spiritual leaders of that time - Tobolsk metropolitans, archbishops and bishops.

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