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Wonder-working Icon

Chimeev wonder-working Virgin icon, under the testimony of the eyewitnesses, has sailed on the Niyap (the Tobol's tributary) and pulled up to a bank, where the first church was built.

The Miracle-working Icon  without icon's setting

The Icon without setting

The Miracle-working Icon into setting

The Icon into setting

The artefacts of Virgin Icon

The Iicon's Artefacts

The legend says:

Once, before sunset, supposedly at the end of spring high water, when unhurried in a customary season river tamed its violent obstinacy and almost got in steep banks, someone from villagers (in that time Chimeevo still used the village status) saw at the village way out, beside thin willows a funnel, which drove under itself floating garbage of all kinds. And among this garbage a large black board rocked on a wave. The funnel was too weak to drag a large board away to the depth, but at the same time it was rather strong to hold it near itself and not to allow it to drift further. In the next turn, when the board heeled a little bit, people on the bank saw large, expressive eyes of a divine image. This glance burned the people for a moment by inexplicable divine light. At once all knelt, making crosses over themselves. Immediately appeared hooks and boats. The icon was caught. The message about the exotic catch was immediately spread from one end of the village to the other and soon the whole village collected on a deserted meadow at the steep bank of the Niyap...

This is one of the traditional apparition of wonder-working icons on water, which signifies their special God's gift. In the same time begins the special respect and worship of the Virgin, who gave the icon in schismatic places to strengthen the Orthodoxy here.

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